Skull and Shackles

Onward and beyond
Harrigans toast!
Our intrepid heroes were finally able to track down Barnabus Harrigan. After Harrigans fleet was repelled from the companions fortress on the island of empty eyes they knew just where to find him. So they set out to Gannett island to put an end to their greatest nemesis. They were able to make their way through the caves below Harrigans fortess evading an enormous tiger anemone on the way, in the keep they mowed through several Norgorbor cultists led by the vile Luccaria they even eliminated the infamous Jakaw Razorbeak loyal servant of Harrigan. They also put an end to Gilbrok the tongue the last human ally of Harrigan on the Island. p. When they made their way up the final staircase to Harrigans quarters they found his final guardians at the top of the stairs. The final battle began with the party and several erinyes devils. Ean was magically sent running in fear for the start of this confrontation. The erinyes were able to summon some bearded devils to aid them, it was a tough battle made nearly fatal when Barnabas Harrigan himself made his way into fray. The brave officers were put to the test. Lancelot and Nonjo were down and Rik was close tojoining them when Rik landed the final blow. Ean was able to make it back in time to see the final rounds of the battle. p. With Harrigans demise the fortress was the Parties to what they wanted with. They were able to find several people they remembered from their time on the Wormwood, most notably cut throat Grok their friend. They all were tortured and near death. With some effort they were all saved and Grok swore a lifetime of allegiance to the officers of the Lucky Albatross. p. The most important thing they found in Harrigans room, in a bad of holding was all the evidence they were searching for, incriminating old BH as the spy working for the Chelaxians. All of his plans describing the plans for an all out assault on the Shackles, a fleet led by Druvalia Thrune (who was able to sail through the eye of Abendego with the help of a pact she signed with Geryon they would learn later). They would follow a set coarse capturing several cities along their way to Port Peril. They would capture the entire Shackles before anyone even knew it was Happening. p. The party rushed to PP to call a council and warn the Hurricane king Kerdak Bonefist of the attack and prepare to defend the Shackles. Unfortunately the king didn’t believe the papers were legitimate and declined to offer aid, indeed he even went as far as to tell the other free captains that if they did offer aid to the Lucky Albatross they would be considered outlaws in the Shackles. Despite the threat the heroes had many friends who were willing to risk their lives to save the Shackles. p. It was the largest NAVAL battle any of the participants would ever see. Many ships and many sailors died at see that day but in the end the Fleet of the Lucky Albatross was victorious. The only thing left to do was to capture Druvalia Thrunes flagship “Abrogail’s Fury”. Druvalia and her defender Valeria Asperixus fought bravely knowing that either way they were doomed to rot in hell, left to the mercy of Geryon himself. It was the most difficult battle yet but the heroes were up to the task and the Chelaxian threat was ended(for now- Thrunes aren’t known to be merciful). p. Lancelot, Rik, Ean and Nonjo San returned to the sight of the battle to help with salvage and picking up overboard sailers. Then all of the remaining captains got together to discuss the future of the the Shackles. All agreed that Kerdak Bonefists time as Hurricane king was at an end and they all think one of the officers from the Lucky Albatross should be the next king. They all called for Lancelot to lead his crew, follow Harrigans plan and assault KB at his home Lucrehold. BH had a detailed plan of entering a warehouse where the is a secret entrance into the caves below Lucrehold where they can find and eliminate Kerdak Bonefist and start a new era in the Shackles with a new Hurricane, will the people get what they want (King Lancelot) or will they get someone else. If Andy doesn’t want to be King we can work out something for one of the rest of you or whatever. I’m trying to work on a couple other adventures for you guys after the path ends. p. I’ll reread your character profiles from when we started for ideas and there are a few people who ran away and I believe you have two treasure maps. p. This final assault on Lucrehold will be pretty long and you probably won’t have a way to rest. In the book they recommend letting you have 1-3 npc’s join you. I have an idea where you can bring one npc and at any point you can have them trade places with another ready character on the ship. For instance bring Rosey and when or if you want to you can have her switch places with Desnamona. You could only do this once so whoever was second would be your last ally. If you have any ideas let me know. For reading this and since this will be your last chance to shop you can each have 10,000 gold to spend before you set out. It’s a reward from the other pirate lords who sailed to your banner. p. IMPORTANT- if you want an npc or two or you want to do the swap npc idea I mentioned , please let me know what you think or want to do so I can get the character ready. Rosey Cusswell(fighter), Desnamona(witch), Alise Grogblood(alchemist) are the most logical choices but I’m open to ideas.

Looking forward to Sataurday’


Where the hell is Harrigan?
The long awaited assault on the Island of empty eyes happened at last. The Lucky Albatross raced back from the Black tower beating Barnabus Harrigans fleet to their home base by a few hours. With their silver raven and teleportation they had their defenses well set by the time the navel battle had begun. Harrigans fleet never knew what hit them. Although they started off by quickly decimating Pearce Jerrall’s squadron, they didn’t sink another ship by the time the battle was rapped up. Harrigan had no idea how many friends his former (press ganged) crew members had made. Indeed they had several more ships in their fleet than the evil captain could muster. p. It was time to settle up with their long time nemesis and the Lucky Albatross quickly closed in on the Wormwood, Capturing Harrigans flagship and defeating the crew that manned it. To everyone’s surprise Harrigan was nowhere to be found. The ship was captained by Adelita Doloruso the black hearted evoker. When her crew was dispatched and she saw the officers of the Lucky albatross closing in, teleported away to who knows where. Will BH take her back after her failure or not. He isn’t known as a merciful sort. p. They captured two of the officers of the Wormwood and were able to compile some minor information such as. Harrigan is back at his base on Gannett island having sent most of his fleet of mostly captured Chelaxian ships to assault the PC’s base. His base is guarded by a sea serpent, that doesn’t seem to attack when a approaching ship bangs a gong and dumps a dead cow into the water. p. From Scags Rotgrams journal they also learned Harrigans personal quarters are at the top of his fortress but if he is attacked from the top all of his forces below will be able to come to his aid. Scags planned to enter though a sea cave (that Harrigan used as an escape route). The caves were exposed during low tide and could be entered stealthily if entered during high tide. Due to the knowledge gained by reading Rotgrams journal all characters in the pc’s party get +4 on all initiative checks in Harrigans fortress.

Sorry for the short session, I thought the naval battle would last longer and I like it when we can complete a dungeon, fortress or sea battle all in one night. So next session you can assault Harrigan in his fortress if you get their within 10-14 days. Otherwise if their is something else you want to accomplish let me know. There are several cowardly foes that ran away that are still out there Adelita Doloruso(admiral of Harrigans fleet), Isawyn and Lady Nightshade (trying to soil Arronax Endymions reputation) and no one knows where Lance Mannion is. Any improvements you want to make to your ship. So there are some possibilities. Hope it was fun.


The island of the Black Tower
Black Tower

In this session, in an attempt to boost their reputation(since you have behaved in a “Good” manner you don’t really have infamy. I will try to rework the infamy list to give you similar bonuses for more goodly acts. Example you probably won’t become more motivating to your crew by keelhauling someone to death. Maybe sharing some good drink or throwing a crew party can get you a bonus. You’ll just be famous.
p. The party hit the shores of the island on a beautiful morning, sun shining, beautiful plants, tons of biting insects and a half mile of dense jungle to climb through to get to the tower. They made it through to jungle to the Tower in an uncomfortable hour of travel. As they approached the tower they realized it could only be held up by magical means. They also found no entrances anywhere on the sides of the tower and eventually climbed to the top and were able to dig out a trapdoor on the roof and were able to enter the tower.
p. When they entered they found the walls covered with disturbing carvings of endless coils of tentacles. Now and then the tentacles are shown crushing people, ships and in more than one case entire cities or islands. Amid all of these carvings was a repeated symbol of an octopus eye surrounded by sinister runes. They would later learn this was the symbol of Dagon the demon lord of deformity, the sea, and sea monsters.
p. In the entry hall they found a massive gold plated disc with a bulbous eye with a horizontally shaped pupil. With an arm reaching out holding the serpentine carving of a heart, They also found another similarly sized chunk of serpentine that the eventually realized they could replace the heart with and use the heart to unlock a door in the next room. But not before Nonjo was turned into an eel when they failed to immediately replace the heart and he was struck in the face with a stream of filthy water. But they were able to cure Nonjo and move forward.
p. They were able to overcome a few other traps along the way. They were also set upon by a pair of Nyogoth Qlippoths in a room with a collapsing floor and walls covered with yellow mold. While the nyogoths were a formidable they were no match for our intrepis heroes, although these disgusting bottom feeders of the qlippoths burned them with acid when pierced or slashed. They continued on.
p. Eventually they descended to a room with what appeared to be a hole in the floor sealed shut by chains and magic. They found the remains of Captain Tevinida Aiger and written on the wall in charcoal the words “The Shrouded Queen yet lives below, bound by Blackfingers’ forbiddance and Aigers Kiss. Seek not entrance for naught but her rotting curse awaits ye—let the sleeping darkness lie!” It was marked with a charcoal hand print with wide splayed fingers (Not the first time). They learned later that this was a symbol of a sect of Norgorborite holy assassins that refer to their deity as “Blackfingers”. Captain Aiger was a member of this sect. With some hard work they were able to unchain and open the trapdoor that led straight down into darkness.
p. The officers of the Lucky Albatross accompanied by their loyal companion Desnamona bravely descended into the darkness unsure what awaited in the foul darkness. What awaited them was more foul than any creature any of them had ever seen The Shrouded Queen an enormous Augnagar qlippoth insane with ravenous hunger. With its enormous reach and massive mouth it proved to be a nasty foe, many resistances, immunities and a nasty rotting curse that caused hideous festering wounds that exuded a horrific stench automatically sickening the sufferer and also sickening most for just being near them. With an amazing spell from Lancelot and a determination to end this foul beast they eventually overcame the Shrouded queen and were able to remove Aigers kiss which had been used to seal the portal to Yad Iagnoth where she had been summoning an unending supply of qlippoth. It turned out captain Aiger had bravely closed the portal at the cost of her life. The party removed the sword from the now apparently not working portal. They found the remaining treasure treasure cured some of them from the rotting curse and left the Black Tower hoping to never return but curious if they left an open portal to Yad Iagnoth. When they made it to the roof they noticed the Lucky Albatross had been boarded by a ship called “the Wanton Wastrel” captained by Valerande “Barracuda” Aiger son of Tevinida Aiger who had captured the ship and locked the crew below decks to use as ransom if the party refused to give up Aigers kiss to it’s (in his mind) rightful owner. Worn out from the battle with the Shrouded Queen they gave up the blade for 8 plunder and the lives of their crew. Knowing their recapturing of the blade would increase their fame more than any previous accomplishment.
p. Then out of the blue their silver raven flew up with a message that Harrigans fleet was on it’s way to the Island of Empty. Battle was on the horizon. If they could make it home in time.

The History of the isle of the Black tower

Hello to the officers, dis is a little history lesson for you from your forgotten, yet most helpful crew member, potion brewer, magic tattooist and Shackles historian Desnamona.
p. The isle of the Black Tower was created a long time ago by a powerful mystic theurge and cleric of the demon lord Dagon- her original name was lost to the mists of time, she was known at the height of her powers as the Shrouded Queen, due to her penchant for dressing in funerary shrouds, bound to her body by coils of rope. She raised the Black tower herself, choosing this island as the site for her home due to the thinness of the planar boundaries and the material plane and a deep, remote Abyssal realm known as Yad Iagnoth- the legendary entrance to the mind-shattering realm of the fiends known as qlippoth.The tower itself was said to be grown more than constructed— the Shrouded Queen tore a hole in reality and helped guide a tumorous length of Abyssal stone out of the hole, sculpting it into a 400 foot tall tower before the artificial planar rift stabilized and closed. From her new home the Shrouded Queen began studying the Abyssal realm of Yad Iagnoth and those realms that lay deeper still, in hopes of finding a way to conjure and control one of the mightiest of the qlippoth, a unique monster known as Iathavos. She turned to the nearby shipping lanes to supply her ever-growing demand for live sacrifices- necessary payments to the increasingly inhuman monstrosities with which she trafficked for knowledge.
p. The Shrouded Queens reign ended when a cabal of frustrated and frightened pirate captains joined forces under the flag of their most powerful member, the Norgorber- worshipping pirate priestess Tevinida Aiger. Armed with the legendary sword Aiger’s kiss, she led her allies on a brazen assault of the Black Tower.
p. No one knows what happened to Captain Aiger and not a single pirate returned from the mission, during the next few months the seas calmed and the weather around the island returned to normal. Whatever had happened, it appeared that the Shrouded Queen had perished. Soon after, many captains eagerly launched their own expeditions to the island, determined to plunder the tower’s supposed treasures and recover Aigers Kiss for themselves, yet none of them returned from the mysterious edifice either. As the Black Tower’s fame grew in the years to follow, increasingly few have dared to set foot upon the island. Were it not for this year being the twenty-fifth anniversary of Aigers assault on the Black Tower, few would be talking about the legend today at all.
p. That is all anyone knows about the Black Tower. It is obviously very dangerous and mysterious. If you want I would be honored to join you in your assault. You never know maybe my magic can help you get out if things don’t go as expected. You may not know this by my arcane abilities are not insignificant. If you don’t want me to join you maybe I can help the remaining members of your crew get back to the Isle of empty eyes and defend it from Harrigan. Choose wisely.

Your humble friend


PS- This doesn’t mean you should look up qlippoth. You may know something about them but you should make a proper skill check to see what your characters know about qlippoth. If you read this you can use a 30 sider and have one temporary hero point that doesn’t count against the max of 3. I believe you should all have at minimum 2 total hero points (including the HP from previous write up). I forget to pass them out so unless you think you’ve used a lot of them that’s what I’m going with. Should be fun.

"Free Ships" and the Theater of Corruption

The session began with the party returning to the Lucky Albatross with Alise Grogblood and the 8 remaining members of Scags Rotgrams crew. They arrived to find that Ean had returned after several months away(4 months we’ll say). He returned just in time to help fend off an attack by several more of the now too familiar elder brykolakases. Unfortunately 6 redshirts were lost in the battle. There were 6 of the EBs so Rosie, Desnamona and Ean really had their hands full. To be honest you could have easily lost more. Ean returned with his gorilla tattoo changed to a monkey tattoo although he didn’t mention why.
p. Next on the to do list was to get to the sunken ship Of Scags Rotgram which Alise Grogblood was able to lead them to. The entrance was a very large hole in the side of a cliff face(big enough to bring a ship through). Depending on the time of the day the cave could be climbed into or swam through based on the tide. The party climbed to the entrance in the morning to find the cave essentially led to a lake worth of water. As they swam into the water they found 4 ships at the bottom and were attacked by 4 more EBs which they were able to dispatch with a little more poison and disease. The also found quite a bit of plunder and last but not least the found four ships that that they were able to drag out and tow to a port for repairs The Ebs used the ships for lodging and as the were ruined by the water they would drag in new ships.
p. They then set out for Hell’s Harbor to clear the name of Arronax Endymion. They set out to The Theater of Corruption to put an end to whoever was soling the reputation of Endymion. As they neared the theater they were spotted what appeared to be a guard who wouldn’t be dissuaded by the parties attempts at diplomacy/bluff and soon was yelling for the guards. He was hit by an arrow from Rik only it passed straight through him. As they realized he was an illusion they were set upon by a barbed devil. Who after a was dispatched in relatively short order.
p. Next they headed for the side door in an attempt to sneak in. As soon as they tried to open the door someone from inside called out that someone was coming. Upon entering they saw a barbarian with a beard soaked in dried blood and could hear voices of apparently invisible spell casters one definitely a bard. With some difficulty including Rik being set upon by several summoned creatures (2 dire tigers and a sea troll). He would have perished if not for the heroic breath of life cast by Captain Lancelot. But in the end Gorebeard trench was killed and the spellcasters teleported away. Leaving the party to find the information they sought (papers proving there is a plot to discredit Arronax Endymion).
p. When they brought this information he granted them the fleet as promised as well as providing them with an evening of high class entertainment. He introduced them to the captain of their new fleet Brok “Madshanks” Cordain. Commodore of a fleet of 5 warships. I’ll write down the stats and give them to you when we play next.
p. next up the Black Tower although there will likely be some encounter before then to get to the next level before you get there. I’ll have something ready soon. So whoever replies to this will get a hero point.

Fleet building/The island of the damned
Come on friends what could go wrong
With the information received at the end of the previous session, the companions set out to build a fleet. Ean set out with Sandara saying he had important personal business to take care of. That was all he was willing to share. Sandara told them to meet her at Besmaras throne after they find their other friends to help them defend their island. She would see what kind of a squadron she could put together.

They found Merrill Pegsworthy and Pierce Jerrill and both of their old friends were immediately willing to come to the aid of the Lucky Albatross. While Lancelot led his crew to find squadrons, they were approached by the first mate of Arronax Endymion and invited to a meeting with him on his ship and given a chest of platinum to help them decide. They set out to meet Endymion on his flagship the Tyrannous. Many were suspicious of Endymion because he is a former captain in the Chelish navy. He assures the party that nothing could be farther from the truth and that his hatred of all things Chelish was as strong as ever.
p. Endymion tells the companions that the rumors of his being a spy are being started at the theater of corruption in his own home port of Hells harbor. Since it would look bad if he personally dealt with the situation (and knowing the party is building a fleet) he has and offer for the Albatross officers. If they are willing to deal with his problem he will supply them with a squadron of his finest ships to aid their cause. The party agrees and is told to meet him at his mansion upon completion.
p. Next up was to find out about the whereabouts of the missing Scags Rotgram. Eventually it was learned that Scags was last seen running afoul of Dagons jaws. An infamous pass between two island that few know how to pass. Under the skilled hand of captain Lancelot the Lucky Albatross was able to find it’s way to a landing spot. As they made the shore the were attacked by a number of brykolakases and their lacedon servants dealing disease with every hit. After overcoming the undead they followed human tracks inland.
p. First they came upon a bubbling spring they would later learn from Alise Grogblud(first mate of Scags Rotgram) that the waters of the spring contain traces of positive energy. Any weapon(up to 3 per day) dipped into the waters gains undead bane until sunset of that day. Drinking the water acts a a cure moderate wounds once per day per character.
p. Next they ran into the remaining members of Rotgrams crew led by Alise Grogblud who realizing the were over matched offered information about Scags Rotgram in trade for rescuing them from this cursed island and consider some of them for a spot on your crew. As far as you know Alise has been very forthright with you and is an experienced sailer and an expert a shooting siege weapons. She tell you that Scags is dead and his ship has been taken by the Brykolakases and she can show you where it is. It contains a watertight chest with Rotgrams notes on Barnabus Harrigan but is sure to be defended.
p. The last interesting event was when the party came upon a half dozen towering wood-carved heads overlooking the sea. When the party approached within 30 feet of the heads a booming voice said loudly “OUTLANDERS STEP AWAY FROM THE DUSKWATCHERS OR BE JUDGED”. Not in the mood for judgement the party fled the stones. Probably a wise decision.
p. The session ended with the party at the camp with Alise and the 8 remaining members of Rotgrams crew. So we will begin with bringing them back to the ship and Alise telling you where to find the remains of the Devilish Duchess(Rotgrams ship). As a sign of good faith Alise Grogblud tells the party about a secret compartment in Rotgrams cabin.

Looking forward to continuing Saturday the 12th at Joes at 5pm. It should be fun.

It's time to party!
Get down, get down!

The long awaited party finally happens.p.
With the arrival of 28 captains on 25 ships the part is on. The judges sent by the pirate council were Avimar Sorinash who they impressed with the defenses the built upon their island, and got a chuckle at their failed attempts to hit a boat towed by his ship on even on of their shots.They also avoided his wrath when they were able to calm him when he was drugged and making rude advances to the female servers. Lady Cerise Bloodmourn who was shocked when she challenged the PC’s to a disarming duel and she was defeated by Rik. She rewards the party with the scoundrels sword cane. The last judge was Captain Mase Darimar a half sea elf. Who wasn’t overly impressed with the parties knowledge of the secrets of the Shackles. They did impress him with the promise to introduce him to Sefina the nereid. He rewarded them with a horn of the tritons.
p. During the duel there was a rat swarm in the kitchen which they were able to handle although there was quite a ruckus. Some of the captains certainly heard the noises but it was handled well enough and everyone enjoyed the feast.
p. Well after dinner whle the guest were sitting around enjoying fine beverages Avimar Sorinash was rudely making advances to Audessa the party was able to calm him. They found out from one of the courtesans that he had been given something from a beautiful women out back, and told to put the substance into Avimars drink and this caused his bad behavior. After the party they questioned the server they realized it was Sefina that gave him the substance for the drink. They set out at once to find her. As they approach her she lights a lights a skyrocket firework and turns to the party and apoligizes to the party saying she has no choice the tiny man is forcing her to do this. Possibly sensing her heart wasn’t in the fight Nonjo attacked her with non lethal damage allowing her to survive the battle. They did learn over the coarse of the battle that the tiny man had stolen her shawl and she really needs it back. Ean was took this to heart and was very focused on returning it to her.
p. Seconds after knocking out Sefina they heard a loud explosion and looked to the docking area a saw Avimar Sorinashes ship was on fire. They rushed to the ship and tried to help fight the flames when there was another explosion on Cerise Bloodmourns ship. They made it to Mase Darimars ship in time to keep the Eel from putting a bomb on his ship. When they got there the Eel fled with no combat.
p. Our intrepid heroes correctly tracked down the Eel in the basement of the fort realizing he could use his fluid form to sneak in under water through cracks in the forts foundation. p. It was a pitched battle with the hard to find Eel bombing the companions nearly to death but they were able to meet his challenge and survive his bombs and defeat the dastardly Eel. When they brought his dead form up to show the angry captains of the damaged ships. The other captains recognized Myskur Marquardt former member of Barnabus Harrigans crew. They agreed to repair the damaged ships and the party was deemed a rousing success. So successful that each member was given a vote on the pirate council.
p. The Lucky Albatross set sail to Port peril to take part in their first council. With their four votes they had a strong influence. They were able to secure full council shares for themselves(12,000 gold). Going with the council and building statues of the hurricane king in all major ports. Denying Avimar Sorinash rights of salvage on the isle of the black tower. Denying the request to declare Scags Rotgram an outlaw and lastly agreeing to fund the continued funding of the Chelaxian investigation being run by Tessa Fairwind.
p. After they returned to their ship they receive a message from Tessa via asilver raven figurine which she tells them they can keep. The letter informs them that Barnabus Harrigan is bolstering a fleet with plans to attack the Island of empty eyes(your island). If they want to keep it they will have to muster a fleet of their own. She is convinced war is coming to the Shackles and because she is in charge of the investigation she has to keep a low profile and she won’t be able to join the battle to defend the island of empty eyes but offers them them some ideas for how to best to defend themselves. She give them the silver raven as a sign of goodwill.
p. Bolstering their infamy by by recovering the the sword Aiger’s Kiss from the island of the black tower would be very helpful to gaining infamy. If they can track down Scags Rotgram, he was a longtime member of Harrigans crew and could be an invaluable ally especially if knows about Harrigans weaknesses. Last and most obvious is to find a way to assemble a fleet(this is the most immediate concern) this can be done by calling out to any friendly captains they know (Merrill Pegsworthy and Pearce Jerall are the most obvious). They could also hire a fleet but you’re unsure of the cost.
Fishguts Kroop recommends the party should sell Sandara one of the captured ships
for 6,000 gold. She will set out at once to form her own fleet and join you back at the island of empty eyes and help you defend the island. You will have to decide this before we get started because it will take her some time to do this. She has been your most reliable crew member and with around a year of loyal service she probably deserves a break on the ship. She would be as loyal as a captain as you could hope to find. If you reply to this by Monday you can tell me what type of character you want to replace her with.
Also you said you want an arcane caster but if you might not know that Desnamona is your level and an elemental witch and can probably cast any spells you need. She has also been loyal, helpful by supplying your ship with potions etc while you’re at sea and she has given you some pretty cool tattoos for free. If you try to replace her she could be offended. Maybe even take her tattoos back.

These are the issues we will be dealing with this Tuesday.

See you then.

Preparing to party

This episode began with preparation for the respect earning party. They repaired the the fortress remarkably well. Their efforts are sure to be noticed by their guests. They set up defenses with a combination of ballistas, catapults and a couple trebuche. Placed to defend the entrance to the bay as well as the fortress itself. With these additions the fortress should be better defended than ever before. They also spent a pretty penny on party supplies. We will make a few rolls to see how high the quality of the goods you procure are. They will be very good but if you roll well they could be close to perfect. The guests should truly be impressed by what the Albatross crew accomplished to clear the dangers of the island. They have truly tamed the island although they never really go to know Sefina a neried who lives across the bay, she didn’t seem to pose a threat. They even were able (with Besmaras blessing to be sure) to find a group of courtesans who were willing to entertain(not sexually is the agreement) and serve for the party. While they were clearing the island Elderleigh Baines was able to get his head right, with help from Sandara and Desnamona His knowledge of the fort and island in general saved the party a nice chunk of change in their repairs.

While they were preparing the party knowing the forts repairs alone would take their workers several months to complete. They got intel that a slave ship called Jesters luck would be passing by with a load of top notch rum that would really impress their guests. They crew set out at once and as expected they found the ship and soon had it boarded although they were being pestered by an invisible foe, who the were unable to locate. Because just as they were finishing up with the Jester an even larger warship (the Dominator) had somehow been able to approach unknown to the the Albatross. With a crew of well over 200 things appeared grim. Until Rik with Desnamonas help were able to lay waste to much of the crew knowing that most of the Chellaxian would never join with a bunch of pirates they had to use extreme force to convince any of the crew to turn against their most intimidating captain.
p. Oh yes that captain is a man named Lance Mannion, know for amazing skill with his mighty blades. He also grew up in the same city as Lancelot and due to his 5 year age advantage was very aggressive in his bullying of Lancelot. Very mean spirited but he only taught Lance-a-little(as he called him) a self confidence that helped him accomplish a lifetime of impressive deeds. He was a dangerous foe and was even joined by the wererat …. Vitterande the captain of the Jesters grin. But as dangerous as the duo was they were dispatched of with relative ease. Lancelot was able to land the finishing blow on both of the deadly adversaries. Reminding his crew and some soon to be crew members what an impressive leader Lancelot really was. The only problem was that Lance Mannions body fell over the side of the ship and even with a thorough search they were unable to locate the body, They aren’t sure if they just couldn’t find it or if it was gone.
p. In the aftermath a smaller ship that had been fleeing the Dominator approached the Lucky Albatross and they found that Lancelots Father was and younger siblings(2) were on the fleeing ship. It turns out that news Lancelots deeds over the last several months had gotten back to Chelliax and his family was forced to flee or be captured and used to gain an advantage over the soon to be pirate lord. By strange coincidence(or dreams coming true) Nonjos little sister had been Lance Mannions personal slave. One can only wonder how these surprise guests will be received.
p. While all of these meetings were happening p. the ever curious catfolk Ean searched the Jesters grin for the rumored rum and he found it. Unfortunately he also found a pair of rat swarms and while he was able to defeat the rats with minimal difficulty, he destroyed every last bottle of the top quality rum. This is where we left off. Just acquired 2 boats, a number of sailors joined under the banner of the Lucky Albatross. There are also 20-30 Chellaxian sailors that won’t convert and will need to be somehow dealt with. Letting them sail away in the smallest boat is a possibilty. But if this happens Lancelots father will need to be compensated(2,000 or give him a small building to set up a shop in the fort) We can work out exact details later. Nothing else will happen between now and the day of the party unless you call, text or email anything you want to do. If nothing we will just get the party started.

You can have the usual benefits if you reply. Let me know if you want to do anything specific before the party.


Invitees to the Lucky Albatross impress the council ball
Who's coming

Official list of those accepting the invitation to the Lucky Albatross’ ball

1,Arronax Endymion-NE-Always carrying the weight of great troubles, fears long awaited reprisal from Cheliax. Longs for a genuine taste of complicated social convention.

p.2, Chan Ai-Huao, Jieh Hui and Lo Shei Wen-CN,CN and NE-Wise council of three from Shenchu bay. The warm wisdom of Jieh Hui is at odds with the cold hearted Lo Shei Wen. Chan Ai-Huao the only voice of laity has been losing support recently.

p.3, Delemona Burie and Little Shaggard-CG,CG- Worshippers of Cayden Cailean, Leaders of Lilywhite. She is a bard/story teller while he has a sharp tongue and little to say. Both are anti slavers known to work in Jolis Raffles movement.

4, Havalas Grudd-CN- Feuding with ex lover Wide Olga. The feud is being fueled on both sides by the evil first mates. Wide Olga is also attending. What could possibly go wrong or right?

5-Hendak Wavebaiter- CN – Searching for ways to curry the favor of the Hurricane king. Something to do with the temple of the Ravenous moon.

6-Iolandra & Petrina Maxeme- CN-N- Granddaughters of a Taldan lord. They rule Taldas isle. Petrina does most of the work while Iolandra goes on bold adventures. Petrina is getting tired of losing money to these adventures. How tired?

7-Jolis Raffles- CN – Former slave turned freedom fighter. He’s the lord of Bad island. Over the years he’s gotten a bit too comfortable with his success.

8- Longbeard -CN – Stands 6’5" and loves finery. He wears the finest clothes he can find. Unfortunately he can never find fine clothes that fit so he wears clothes that are too small for him.

9- Master of gales- CN _ Very powerful, could challenge to be hurricane king but seems to be content running the town of Drenchport.

10- Maxevale Janis -CN – Admirably runs the rowdy port of Rapier bay. Lacks focus/direction. He is a known supporter of Tessa Fairwind.

11 – Panewa Oala – CN – Always willing to pass the time with strangers. Once a pirate of great skill and renown. Has run Queen Bes for the last 10 years and longs for the open sea. Feels and regrets that he has become a land lubber.

12 – Merrill Pegsworthy, Agasta Smythee(Lancelots wife) and Pierce Jerrell are all previous acquaintances that would fit in well at such an occasion. If you can think of any obvious omissions let me know.

The next three are the council appointed judges. These are the guests of honor.

Avimar Sorrinash -CE – Human/Wereshark – In his home he beat down the sahuagin into submission that borders on worship. Very volatile, likely to be impressed by a well defended fortress.

Mase Darimar CN Father was an aquatic elf mother a Mwangi expanses Bonuwat tribe. Has a deep connection to the sea and respect for the master of gales led him to become a druid.

Lady Cerise Bloodmourn CN Left her exiled family’s home in Taldor. Seeking freedom from the expectations of nobility. She was a natural and rose quickly in the fleet of Tessa Fairwind. Until she recently claimed a spot on the pirate council. She is still friends with Tessa Fairwind.

That completes the list.

Isle of empty eyes part 6
The immortal dreamstone
p. This adventure started with our heroes , rested and heading deeper into the ruins of Sumitha. It all started with an enormous cyclopes named Ishtoreth That last of his kind to rule these ruins. He considers himself the defender of the cyclopean histories in these ruins. He was truly a frightening foe but with a little luck and excellent tactics, Ishtoreth was dispatched with relative ease although he did give a few bruises to our heroes for their efforts. p. In the next chamber they came upon a couple teleportation that were not in working order. As they made their way deeper into the ruins they came upon a chamber with a very high ceiling and an egg shaped structure with doors they were unable to open until they found instructions in cyclopean stating “Only by blinding yourself to the world around you can you see the way forward to the eye of serenity”. Lancelot casts a blindness spell on Nonjo who is then able to see the entrance. He is slowed by a spell in the chamber, but all the walls disappear and two Gholdakos are awakened and move to defend the Dreamstone. The dreamstone itself even supplied some of it’s own defense by shooting a ray of enervation and draining Nonjo of several levels of experience. Rik was able to quickly get to the stone and when it was removed from it’s pedestal it tried to drain his soul but he was able to resist and the stone was no longer a threat. After a tough battle the heroes were able to dispatch the gholdakos and other than a bit of treasure hunting the ruins were cleared and the immortal dreamstone was in their possession.

The next day healed up from their many injuries they returned to Bikendi Otongu and gave him back the dreamstone and even allowed him to possess Ean which allowed him to activate the stone and send his soul to the dimension of dreams. In exchange Bikendi gave them all of his treasure and a map to a secret treasure that was just off the coast of their island. Sounds simple don’t you think. Well as they swim down to the wreck of a ship (the Lady’s Kiss) they are attacked by a pair of megalodons a which they were able to overcome rather easily if slightly painfully.

Next they had to swim through a small coral maze where they came upon the largest jellyfish any of the party had ever seen or heard of. In what turned out to be one of the most difficult battles our intrepid heroes. The jellyfish was difficult to damage and it’s poison was incredibly potent and nearly proved to be too much but with grit, fortitude and perseverance they survived and got their loot.

This was the completion of the tame the Isle of empty eyes portion of the adventure. This means it is now time to rebuild/repair the fort. In a few short months the pirate council will be sending emissaries to check on the progress and they expect to be impressed by how safe the island is, how well defended the fort is, how good of a party they throw and whatever else you think may impress a pirate lord. If they fail to impress they will retain possession of the island but will not be given a place on the pirate council. I will explain how much it will cost to repair the fort and you can decide how nice and safe you want to make it. The nicer and safer you make it will cost more and the price can be lowered based on a couple different things. WIth a few well place siege weapons and towers the island can be made extremely well defended. Do you want to build new docks(seems like you would want to have a place to dock your ship(s) and possibly other ships). Just some things to think about.

p. You will have to come up with a list of who you would like to invite. At the party after you won the free captains regatta you would have had the chance to meet all of the pirate lords and Tessa Fairwind would be able to give you a little background information on each of them and Maybe I can get together with some of you (Andy at least) and we can determine how your meeting with each of these pirates went. Who you like who likes you and the opposite. Merrill Pegsworthy, Tessa Fairwind, the master of gales, Pierce Jerrell Lancelots wife (Agasta….) and there could be a few others I didn’t mention. You will also have to decide on a few other party details. You may have to do a little pirating to gain some extra funds for the party. p. There are a lot of fun things on the horizon so hopefully we can get our next session in soon. Great job last session I’m going to give each of you two hero points. One for clearing the island and a second for surviving your battle with the jellyfish. I will also give anyone who reads this and replies the same deal as last time one d8, one D30 and a percentile roll you can add to an ability score.

Hope your enjoying the campaign as much as I am



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