Lancelot Intro

Born in the Chellish port of Ostenso to a minor noble, Cornelius Blackburne, Lancelot had an interesting upbringing.
His father is a wealthy owner of several net and rope factories. He supplies the Chellish navy with all their net and rope needs…at a reasonable price.

Lancelot spent a lot of his youth around ships, but instead of dreaming of becoming a naval officer in Cheliax, he was more smitten with the tales of adventure and treasure on the high seas told by some of the more stinky dock-folk. On the night of his 16th birthday he had a very vivid dream of sailing on a pirate ship alongside a beautiful woman. A little research at the local library showed him that his dream was actually of the Goddess of piracy,strife and sea monsters, Besmara.

Lancelot was intrigued and obsessed with this dream. He has since used most of his money to run away from Cheliax and had secured passage to Port Peril. Upon arrival, he felt at home, and immediately went to a temple to Besmara, and found he had some divine powers granted to him by the Pirate Goddess. It would appear his dream of life on the seas was about to begin.

To celebrate, he went down to a tavern known as ‘Formidably Maid’ and started to drink…..

Lancelot Intro

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