Skull and Shackles

"Free Ships" and the Theater of Corruption

The session began with the party returning to the Lucky Albatross with Alise Grogblood and the 8 remaining members of Scags Rotgrams crew. They arrived to find that Ean had returned after several months away(4 months we’ll say). He returned just in time to help fend off an attack by several more of the now too familiar elder brykolakases. Unfortunately 6 redshirts were lost in the battle. There were 6 of the EBs so Rosie, Desnamona and Ean really had their hands full. To be honest you could have easily lost more. Ean returned with his gorilla tattoo changed to a monkey tattoo although he didn’t mention why.
p. Next on the to do list was to get to the sunken ship Of Scags Rotgram which Alise Grogblood was able to lead them to. The entrance was a very large hole in the side of a cliff face(big enough to bring a ship through). Depending on the time of the day the cave could be climbed into or swam through based on the tide. The party climbed to the entrance in the morning to find the cave essentially led to a lake worth of water. As they swam into the water they found 4 ships at the bottom and were attacked by 4 more EBs which they were able to dispatch with a little more poison and disease. The also found quite a bit of plunder and last but not least the found four ships that that they were able to drag out and tow to a port for repairs The Ebs used the ships for lodging and as the were ruined by the water they would drag in new ships.
p. They then set out for Hell’s Harbor to clear the name of Arronax Endymion. They set out to The Theater of Corruption to put an end to whoever was soling the reputation of Endymion. As they neared the theater they were spotted what appeared to be a guard who wouldn’t be dissuaded by the parties attempts at diplomacy/bluff and soon was yelling for the guards. He was hit by an arrow from Rik only it passed straight through him. As they realized he was an illusion they were set upon by a barbed devil. Who after a was dispatched in relatively short order.
p. Next they headed for the side door in an attempt to sneak in. As soon as they tried to open the door someone from inside called out that someone was coming. Upon entering they saw a barbarian with a beard soaked in dried blood and could hear voices of apparently invisible spell casters one definitely a bard. With some difficulty including Rik being set upon by several summoned creatures (2 dire tigers and a sea troll). He would have perished if not for the heroic breath of life cast by Captain Lancelot. But in the end Gorebeard trench was killed and the spellcasters teleported away. Leaving the party to find the information they sought (papers proving there is a plot to discredit Arronax Endymion).
p. When they brought this information he granted them the fleet as promised as well as providing them with an evening of high class entertainment. He introduced them to the captain of their new fleet Brok “Madshanks” Cordain. Commodore of a fleet of 5 warships. I’ll write down the stats and give them to you when we play next.
p. next up the Black Tower although there will likely be some encounter before then to get to the next level before you get there. I’ll have something ready soon. So whoever replies to this will get a hero point.


hero point for the cap’n


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