Skull and Shackles

Session 10 til now catchup

Hope this goes well

Well in my attempt to catchup to the partys current situation I may miss many specific even so feel free to add anything you recall. So hear we go.

The party started by approaching mancatcher cove at sunrise, to avoid the nocturnal guardians of the cove.They found the secret entrance, without mishap. In their searching they found a locathah matriarch and helped her escape with her eggs. For saving her tribe, the matriarch sent some of her people to reward the party with a helm of underwater action. They overcame “the Matron” who ran the sahuagin hatchery. An ancient undead mariner(mummy) along with many sharks, giant crabs, a jellyfish swarm and Krelloorts concubine on the way to Kreeloorts throne room. They were able to defeat Krelloort and gained many treasures including a captains locker(magical chest), Besmaras bones(figurehead) and his mighty human bane trident along with other less notable treasure. They had never seen so much copper.;) This ended the second book of the adventure path, “Raiders of the Fever sea”. The Lucky Albatross had finally gained enough infamy to be know as Free Captains of the Shackles. Assuming they pass the entry tests.

Tempest Rising, book 3

They travel to Port Peril to petition for an audience with the hurricane king Kerdak Bonefist to receive a letter of marque. So they can be legitimate pirates. They have a public meeting with Kerdak’s firstmate Tsadok Goldtooth. The party has to complete three tasks to get their letter of marque, but due to some cheating and unsuccessful card playing they only passed 1 of the 3 tests. Everyone was impressed with their defeat of Fishpork the marsh giant. Unfortunately Tsadok took a bribe of several tons of plunder to give the Crew of the Lucky albatross their letter of marque. The party is invited to a party at Kerdak Bonefist to gain their letter. After being forced to entertain the parties guests they are granted the title of free captain and gain their letter of marque, which allows them to legally practice piracy in the Shackles, but is a death sentence if found in any other countries waters(or by their ships). The next night the crew was celebrating some shore leave and their new position at the Riptide alehouse. They meet a charming captain named Pierce Jerrell, who has keen eyes for Nonjo. After kindly rejecting his advances they become friends with the friendly captain. At this moment the party recognizes Caulky Tarroon Barnabus Harrigans cabin girl on the Wormwood spiking drinks as she notices them. At the same time one of the sailers whose drink she had spiked notices and shouts that someone was spiking drinks. She throws her drink over her shoulder hitting another pirate and inciting a huge brawl. Caulky tries to escape, but the party who were granted a haste spell by Pierce Jerrell were able to catch her before she could get away and report to Harrigan. The party convinced Caulky to join the crew of the Lucky Albatross. The next day they were invited to meet with the lovely and well liked free captain Tessa Fairwind and enjoy a dinner at her townhouse. Tessa is captain of the Luck of the draw. She tells them about the current political situation in the Shackles, that Kerdak Bonefists run as hurricane king may be numbered and the time is ripe for those with ambition to start gathering allies. Tessa invites the Lucky Albatross to join her fleet. Not so much as underlings more just to know who your friends are. They accept and agree when asked by Tessa to investigate rumors that their may be Chelaxian spies in the Shackles. She feels that as newcomers they will have best chance of gaining this information. She gives them some ideas where to start and they begi. The L.A. sails to the house of stolen kisses, holy temple(brothel) of Callistria. They speak with Dindreann and she tells them she can give them the information they seek if they will find the Lady’s stings attackers, return a holy vessel called the Golden Vespal and avenge this attack against Callistria’s ship. The party accepts and she sends them to The temple of the name to get some clues. They reach the temple of Norgorbor and speak with a halfling named Slip. Slip tells them he can give them the info they need if they can find a missing ship called the Brine Banshee. The BB was known as one of the fastest ships in the Shackles with unparalleled handling for a boat of it’s size. They accept and head back the the House of stolen kisses. When they return Dindreann she tells them to a doctor in Ollo named Haneilius Fitch. When they meet up with Fitch with a little convincing explains that he has a bone in a jar that he amputated from Vargus Black who sailed on the Brine Banshee. He tells them of a pirate captain named “Milksop” Morton(human conjuror) who owns a ring of the iron skull. This ring allows the user(after wearing it for 24 hours) to become aware of the other pieces of a dead body are by touching a piece to the ring(and other things). They are able to run down and defeat Milksop and his ship the Dryads grave. Overcoming the crew and the magically animated figurehead. With the ring Haneilius tells them the Brine banshees course and they are able to find where the ship was sunk. Now the party is forced to do some deep sea diving to find the missing ship. They find the bow half of the BB and defeat Ormandar a merfolk druid(shark shaman, his shark companion and a giant jellyfish while searching but don’t get their answers, the find a deep gorge and find the BB’s stern at the bottom. They are forced to fight a giant blackwater charda to get to the wreck and Uthiggmaru an aboleth while searching the ship. But they find the answer to their question in the form of a magical steering wheel called Jalhazars Wheel. They return the temple of the hidden name with the information and Slip tells them the wreckers they are looking for are led by a half orc named Vakarla(illusionist), and tells the pc’s of the ships where abouts in the Rampore isles. Vakarla tries to use illusion to lure the pc’s into the same trap that got the Lady’s Sting but they see through her illusions and send Valarla to a deep sea death and and recover the golden vespal and are able to return it to Dindreann who tells them to seek out Jaysmiss Keft . Keft is a scrimshander in Drenchport. When the find him he tells them to find Haddon Pike a smuggler who never has any smuggled goods. When they find Pikes house they find him dead and find a carving of a tengu and an ancient chelaxian opera. This leads them to search out Pikes tengu friend Corlan. When the pc’s reach Corlans front door in Hell’s harbor, Corlan takes a crossbow bolt through the heart before he can say anything,. The party is able to defeat Corlans murderer Giles Halmet. On his body they find amissive with 3 names on it. Haddon Pike, Roweena and Corlan. It states when your done return to the apothecary in Port peril and is signed Z. This leads the party to the Jasperleaf apothecary and an alchemist named Zarskia Galembar. They get into the apothecary posing as customers but Zarkia sees through the ruse and the fight is on. In a tooth and nail slugfest they are able to kill Zarskia and 5 of her guards, the 6th guard Glenn helped them defeat Zarskia a n offers them information about monsters and some traps in the store. This is where we left off.

Sorry this was so long if any of you read this whole thing tell me an Desnamona will have a tattoo for you.



i read it all and it was fantastic

Session 10 til now catchup

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