Skull and Shackles

Session 8

Session began with the Lucky Albatross with a nearly full capacity of plunder. They set sail for Senghor on the Mwangi coast the largest port available allowing the crew maximum value for their plunder. On their way they chose to pass by as another pirate ship the “devils pallor” to capture another ship deciding pirates should let pirates do what pirates do.
On their way they were sabotage by a group of sahuagin as they investigated a sinking fishing boat. They found a “Deep platinum” with golden choral necklace that was very valuable. They were also able to fill up the rest of the ships storage with fish.
Their arrival at Senghor was slightly ill timed as over the week of their stay the boats mascot Rotgut the parrot was in the midst of a for lack of a better term, aggressive molting that was appearing (according to Desnamona) to have drastic effects that could harm or even kill the bird. She suspected it was of a magical nature but could say no more. At the end of the week Rotgut was no longer ill or even a parrot. Rotgut changed into the most majestic Albatross anyone could recall seeing. As long as Rotgut is on board the lucky Albatross gains a +2 bonus on all sailing checks. It’s up to you to notice and remember this although I will inform you verbally of Rotguts transformation.

The other unfortunate event on the timing of their visit is that Iain was suffering through a horrible bout of hairballs so the party wasn’t able to gain as much infamy for their deeds as they usually would have. Everyone had an entertaining time and the officers even made a little cash betting with an old crone and successfully answering most of her riddles. A week of carousing was what the entire crew needed and when they set out spirits were very high. The first order of business was refilling the ships water and Fishguts knew just the place. All went as plans heading up and back an inland river to a freshwater spring where the were able to get their water. All went smoothly until they reached the cove that open to the sea blocked by a humungous Chelish man-o-war named the Dominator blocking their way. The party bravely snuck onboard and were able to disable the ships tiller and get off the ship (just barely). This left the Dominator immobile for hours and allowed them to safely sail off. Over the next three nights the Lucky Albatross was set upon by “Deathnell” a ghostpirate ship captained by the cursed Whalebone Pilk who was known for his obsession with the ships bell. The party recalling parts of Pilks tale destroyed the bell permanently putting Pilk to rest. Captain Jeremiah Pilk got his nickname based on his expertise at whale hunting/fishing. Every time he spotted a whale he set to ringing his bell. Pilk led his entire crew to their death far from home after being led for over 3 weeks on a chase of whales that ended in the ship crashing in the midst of heavy fog. Pilk was cursed(with undeat) to sail until he had taken 1000 victims 50 for each crew member he led to death. For the permanent death of Pilk and his ship the Party gains a +2 to their infamy and disrepute.

Wow that was alot of stuff. You will have to decide if you are ready to try to raid/conquer or work out a peaceful acquisition of tidewater rock or try to find a treasure of legend that I will create the adventure on my own. If your interested in this we will figure out which item/items you have a lead on. Fishguts, Desnamona, Rosey and Sandara all have a chance of knowing of one. If more tan one make their roll you’ll have more choices(minimum of one). This will gain you more on the lines of loot, infamy and plunder than xp. If you acquire 3 or so you can gain a level. Let me know.

Last we have to figure out when and where to play next.


What is tidewater Rock? Is this something i should remember?
I am free most nights, and am willing to host as long as frey is ok with the cat-hair.

Session 8

Any non-Monday weeknights are my best bet. Any buried-treasure legends would be nice – to get some time on a nice island or beach.


Session 8

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