Skull and Shackles

The History of the isle of the Black tower


Hello to the officers, dis is a little history lesson for you from your forgotten, yet most helpful crew member, potion brewer, magic tattooist and Shackles historian Desnamona.
p. The isle of the Black Tower was created a long time ago by a powerful mystic theurge and cleric of the demon lord Dagon- her original name was lost to the mists of time, she was known at the height of her powers as the Shrouded Queen, due to her penchant for dressing in funerary shrouds, bound to her body by coils of rope. She raised the Black tower herself, choosing this island as the site for her home due to the thinness of the planar boundaries and the material plane and a deep, remote Abyssal realm known as Yad Iagnoth- the legendary entrance to the mind-shattering realm of the fiends known as qlippoth.The tower itself was said to be grown more than constructed— the Shrouded Queen tore a hole in reality and helped guide a tumorous length of Abyssal stone out of the hole, sculpting it into a 400 foot tall tower before the artificial planar rift stabilized and closed. From her new home the Shrouded Queen began studying the Abyssal realm of Yad Iagnoth and those realms that lay deeper still, in hopes of finding a way to conjure and control one of the mightiest of the qlippoth, a unique monster known as Iathavos. She turned to the nearby shipping lanes to supply her ever-growing demand for live sacrifices- necessary payments to the increasingly inhuman monstrosities with which she trafficked for knowledge.
p. The Shrouded Queens reign ended when a cabal of frustrated and frightened pirate captains joined forces under the flag of their most powerful member, the Norgorber- worshipping pirate priestess Tevinida Aiger. Armed with the legendary sword Aiger’s kiss, she led her allies on a brazen assault of the Black Tower.
p. No one knows what happened to Captain Aiger and not a single pirate returned from the mission, during the next few months the seas calmed and the weather around the island returned to normal. Whatever had happened, it appeared that the Shrouded Queen had perished. Soon after, many captains eagerly launched their own expeditions to the island, determined to plunder the tower’s supposed treasures and recover Aigers Kiss for themselves, yet none of them returned from the mysterious edifice either. As the Black Tower’s fame grew in the years to follow, increasingly few have dared to set foot upon the island. Were it not for this year being the twenty-fifth anniversary of Aigers assault on the Black Tower, few would be talking about the legend today at all.
p. That is all anyone knows about the Black Tower. It is obviously very dangerous and mysterious. If you want I would be honored to join you in your assault. You never know maybe my magic can help you get out if things don’t go as expected. You may not know this by my arcane abilities are not insignificant. If you don’t want me to join you maybe I can help the remaining members of your crew get back to the Isle of empty eyes and defend it from Harrigan. Choose wisely.

Your humble friend


PS- This doesn’t mean you should look up qlippoth. You may know something about them but you should make a proper skill check to see what your characters know about qlippoth. If you read this you can use a 30 sider and have one temporary hero point that doesn’t count against the max of 3. I believe you should all have at minimum 2 total hero points (including the HP from previous write up). I forget to pass them out so unless you think you’ve used a lot of them that’s what I’m going with. Should be fun.


ok, see ya saturday


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