Skull and Shackles

The mystery of Tidewater rock

After looking over the books and reading some message boards it appears the the parties hook luring them to Tidewater rock is a somewhere between flimsy and non existent. If I would have hit the boards a bit earlier I would have started planting the seeds much earlier. It was a legend you had all heard of but none of you had and real knowledge of it. When you were at Rickety squibs you were told by Merrill Pegsworthy (the captain who christened your ship) that it may be a place you can defend when Barnabus Harrigan catches up to you. The problem is he doesn’t know where it is and there are very few who do. Fortunately for you one of the people who knows is/was Barnabus Harrigan who had a map. One time while serving dinner on one of his sober days Fishguts noticed the map and has a general idea where to find it. The map was hanging on the wall so it wasn’t difficult to check when he was there alone. Depending on some check will determine how quickly you find it.
Since then you’ve had some chances to ask around about Tidewater rock. It was discovered by a free captain named Magna Stormeyes who immediately recognized it would make the perfect place to launch a pirate fleet. From the Vantage point atop the rock she could pick out perfectly ripe targets and receive ample warning of any approaching ships. Over time she had great success and built a tower atop the rock built a fleet of ships, as well as fortresses on many of the surrounding islands and claimed the Hurricane crown(you will learn more about this later). Shortly after becoming Hurricane King and relocating to Port Peril she was assassinated by rival free captains. Since then it has changed hands several times the last know holder of the rock was Bertram “Iron Bert” Smythee. You will have to make some rolls to get more info on the rock.

If you have more questions please ask. If/when you try to gain control of the Rock you will get to decide how you want to do it. Fishguts has a few ideas.

The other option Is that I know of 4 legendary items/treasures you can try to hunt down if you want to. It will cost 1,000 to get the info to get you to the general vicinity of the items. This is an adventure I’m willing to put in if you want to have a side adventure.


Treasure hunting sounds interesting to me.

The mystery of Tidewater rock

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