Skull and Shackles

Fleet building/The island of the damned

Come on friends what could go wrong

With the information received at the end of the previous session, the companions set out to build a fleet. Ean set out with Sandara saying he had important personal business to take care of. That was all he was willing to share. Sandara told them to meet her at Besmaras throne after they find their other friends to help them defend their island. She would see what kind of a squadron she could put together.

They found Merrill Pegsworthy and Pierce Jerrill and both of their old friends were immediately willing to come to the aid of the Lucky Albatross. While Lancelot led his crew to find squadrons, they were approached by the first mate of Arronax Endymion and invited to a meeting with him on his ship and given a chest of platinum to help them decide. They set out to meet Endymion on his flagship the Tyrannous. Many were suspicious of Endymion because he is a former captain in the Chelish navy. He assures the party that nothing could be farther from the truth and that his hatred of all things Chelish was as strong as ever.
p. Endymion tells the companions that the rumors of his being a spy are being started at the theater of corruption in his own home port of Hells harbor. Since it would look bad if he personally dealt with the situation (and knowing the party is building a fleet) he has and offer for the Albatross officers. If they are willing to deal with his problem he will supply them with a squadron of his finest ships to aid their cause. The party agrees and is told to meet him at his mansion upon completion.
p. Next up was to find out about the whereabouts of the missing Scags Rotgram. Eventually it was learned that Scags was last seen running afoul of Dagons jaws. An infamous pass between two island that few know how to pass. Under the skilled hand of captain Lancelot the Lucky Albatross was able to find it’s way to a landing spot. As they made the shore the were attacked by a number of brykolakases and their lacedon servants dealing disease with every hit. After overcoming the undead they followed human tracks inland.
p. First they came upon a bubbling spring they would later learn from Alise Grogblud(first mate of Scags Rotgram) that the waters of the spring contain traces of positive energy. Any weapon(up to 3 per day) dipped into the waters gains undead bane until sunset of that day. Drinking the water acts a a cure moderate wounds once per day per character.
p. Next they ran into the remaining members of Rotgrams crew led by Alise Grogblud who realizing the were over matched offered information about Scags Rotgram in trade for rescuing them from this cursed island and consider some of them for a spot on your crew. As far as you know Alise has been very forthright with you and is an experienced sailer and an expert a shooting siege weapons. She tell you that Scags is dead and his ship has been taken by the Brykolakases and she can show you where it is. It contains a watertight chest with Rotgrams notes on Barnabus Harrigan but is sure to be defended.
p. The last interesting event was when the party came upon a half dozen towering wood-carved heads overlooking the sea. When the party approached within 30 feet of the heads a booming voice said loudly “OUTLANDERS STEP AWAY FROM THE DUSKWATCHERS OR BE JUDGED”. Not in the mood for judgement the party fled the stones. Probably a wise decision.
p. The session ended with the party at the camp with Alise and the 8 remaining members of Rotgrams crew. So we will begin with bringing them back to the ship and Alise telling you where to find the remains of the Devilish Duchess(Rotgrams ship). As a sign of good faith Alise Grogblud tells the party about a secret compartment in Rotgrams cabin.

Looking forward to continuing Saturday the 12th at Joes at 5pm. It should be fun.


thanks for the update


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