Skull and Shackles

It's time to party!

Get down, get down!

The long awaited party finally happens.p.
With the arrival of 28 captains on 25 ships the part is on. The judges sent by the pirate council were Avimar Sorinash who they impressed with the defenses the built upon their island, and got a chuckle at their failed attempts to hit a boat towed by his ship on even on of their shots.They also avoided his wrath when they were able to calm him when he was drugged and making rude advances to the female servers. Lady Cerise Bloodmourn who was shocked when she challenged the PC’s to a disarming duel and she was defeated by Rik. She rewards the party with the scoundrels sword cane. The last judge was Captain Mase Darimar a half sea elf. Who wasn’t overly impressed with the parties knowledge of the secrets of the Shackles. They did impress him with the promise to introduce him to Sefina the nereid. He rewarded them with a horn of the tritons.
p. During the duel there was a rat swarm in the kitchen which they were able to handle although there was quite a ruckus. Some of the captains certainly heard the noises but it was handled well enough and everyone enjoyed the feast.
p. Well after dinner whle the guest were sitting around enjoying fine beverages Avimar Sorinash was rudely making advances to Audessa the party was able to calm him. They found out from one of the courtesans that he had been given something from a beautiful women out back, and told to put the substance into Avimars drink and this caused his bad behavior. After the party they questioned the server they realized it was Sefina that gave him the substance for the drink. They set out at once to find her. As they approach her she lights a lights a skyrocket firework and turns to the party and apoligizes to the party saying she has no choice the tiny man is forcing her to do this. Possibly sensing her heart wasn’t in the fight Nonjo attacked her with non lethal damage allowing her to survive the battle. They did learn over the coarse of the battle that the tiny man had stolen her shawl and she really needs it back. Ean was took this to heart and was very focused on returning it to her.
p. Seconds after knocking out Sefina they heard a loud explosion and looked to the docking area a saw Avimar Sorinashes ship was on fire. They rushed to the ship and tried to help fight the flames when there was another explosion on Cerise Bloodmourns ship. They made it to Mase Darimars ship in time to keep the Eel from putting a bomb on his ship. When they got there the Eel fled with no combat.
p. Our intrepid heroes correctly tracked down the Eel in the basement of the fort realizing he could use his fluid form to sneak in under water through cracks in the forts foundation. p. It was a pitched battle with the hard to find Eel bombing the companions nearly to death but they were able to meet his challenge and survive his bombs and defeat the dastardly Eel. When they brought his dead form up to show the angry captains of the damaged ships. The other captains recognized Myskur Marquardt former member of Barnabus Harrigans crew. They agreed to repair the damaged ships and the party was deemed a rousing success. So successful that each member was given a vote on the pirate council.
p. The Lucky Albatross set sail to Port peril to take part in their first council. With their four votes they had a strong influence. They were able to secure full council shares for themselves(12,000 gold). Going with the council and building statues of the hurricane king in all major ports. Denying Avimar Sorinash rights of salvage on the isle of the black tower. Denying the request to declare Scags Rotgram an outlaw and lastly agreeing to fund the continued funding of the Chelaxian investigation being run by Tessa Fairwind.
p. After they returned to their ship they receive a message from Tessa via asilver raven figurine which she tells them they can keep. The letter informs them that Barnabus Harrigan is bolstering a fleet with plans to attack the Island of empty eyes(your island). If they want to keep it they will have to muster a fleet of their own. She is convinced war is coming to the Shackles and because she is in charge of the investigation she has to keep a low profile and she won’t be able to join the battle to defend the island of empty eyes but offers them them some ideas for how to best to defend themselves. She give them the silver raven as a sign of goodwill.
p. Bolstering their infamy by by recovering the the sword Aiger’s Kiss from the island of the black tower would be very helpful to gaining infamy. If they can track down Scags Rotgram, he was a longtime member of Harrigans crew and could be an invaluable ally especially if knows about Harrigans weaknesses. Last and most obvious is to find a way to assemble a fleet(this is the most immediate concern) this can be done by calling out to any friendly captains they know (Merrill Pegsworthy and Pearce Jerall are the most obvious). They could also hire a fleet but you’re unsure of the cost.
Fishguts Kroop recommends the party should sell Sandara one of the captured ships
for 6,000 gold. She will set out at once to form her own fleet and join you back at the island of empty eyes and help you defend the island. You will have to decide this before we get started because it will take her some time to do this. She has been your most reliable crew member and with around a year of loyal service she probably deserves a break on the ship. She would be as loyal as a captain as you could hope to find. If you reply to this by Monday you can tell me what type of character you want to replace her with.
Also you said you want an arcane caster but if you might not know that Desnamona is your level and an elemental witch and can probably cast any spells you need. She has also been loyal, helpful by supplying your ship with potions etc while you’re at sea and she has given you some pretty cool tattoos for free. If you try to replace her she could be offended. Maybe even take her tattoos back.

These are the issues we will be dealing with this Tuesday.

See you then.


Sounds good. I vote we replace her with someone who’s good with ballistas and siege weapons for definding the isle.

It's time to party!

“Fishguts Kroop recommends the party should sell her one of the captured ships
for 6,000 gold. She will set out at once to form her own fleet and join you back at the island of empty eyes and help you defend the island.”


It's time to party!

Oop’s the she is Sandara.

It's time to party!

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