Skull and Shackles

Onward and beyond

Harrigans toast!

Our intrepid heroes were finally able to track down Barnabus Harrigan. After Harrigans fleet was repelled from the companions fortress on the island of empty eyes they knew just where to find him. So they set out to Gannett island to put an end to their greatest nemesis. They were able to make their way through the caves below Harrigans fortess evading an enormous tiger anemone on the way, in the keep they mowed through several Norgorbor cultists led by the vile Luccaria they even eliminated the infamous Jakaw Razorbeak loyal servant of Harrigan. They also put an end to Gilbrok the tongue the last human ally of Harrigan on the Island. p. When they made their way up the final staircase to Harrigans quarters they found his final guardians at the top of the stairs. The final battle began with the party and several erinyes devils. Ean was magically sent running in fear for the start of this confrontation. The erinyes were able to summon some bearded devils to aid them, it was a tough battle made nearly fatal when Barnabas Harrigan himself made his way into fray. The brave officers were put to the test. Lancelot and Nonjo were down and Rik was close tojoining them when Rik landed the final blow. Ean was able to make it back in time to see the final rounds of the battle. p. With Harrigans demise the fortress was the Parties to what they wanted with. They were able to find several people they remembered from their time on the Wormwood, most notably cut throat Grok their friend. They all were tortured and near death. With some effort they were all saved and Grok swore a lifetime of allegiance to the officers of the Lucky Albatross. p. The most important thing they found in Harrigans room, in a bad of holding was all the evidence they were searching for, incriminating old BH as the spy working for the Chelaxians. All of his plans describing the plans for an all out assault on the Shackles, a fleet led by Druvalia Thrune (who was able to sail through the eye of Abendego with the help of a pact she signed with Geryon they would learn later). They would follow a set coarse capturing several cities along their way to Port Peril. They would capture the entire Shackles before anyone even knew it was Happening. p. The party rushed to PP to call a council and warn the Hurricane king Kerdak Bonefist of the attack and prepare to defend the Shackles. Unfortunately the king didn’t believe the papers were legitimate and declined to offer aid, indeed he even went as far as to tell the other free captains that if they did offer aid to the Lucky Albatross they would be considered outlaws in the Shackles. Despite the threat the heroes had many friends who were willing to risk their lives to save the Shackles. p. It was the largest NAVAL battle any of the participants would ever see. Many ships and many sailors died at see that day but in the end the Fleet of the Lucky Albatross was victorious. The only thing left to do was to capture Druvalia Thrunes flagship “Abrogail’s Fury”. Druvalia and her defender Valeria Asperixus fought bravely knowing that either way they were doomed to rot in hell, left to the mercy of Geryon himself. It was the most difficult battle yet but the heroes were up to the task and the Chelaxian threat was ended(for now- Thrunes aren’t known to be merciful). p. Lancelot, Rik, Ean and Nonjo San returned to the sight of the battle to help with salvage and picking up overboard sailers. Then all of the remaining captains got together to discuss the future of the the Shackles. All agreed that Kerdak Bonefists time as Hurricane king was at an end and they all think one of the officers from the Lucky Albatross should be the next king. They all called for Lancelot to lead his crew, follow Harrigans plan and assault KB at his home Lucrehold. BH had a detailed plan of entering a warehouse where the is a secret entrance into the caves below Lucrehold where they can find and eliminate Kerdak Bonefist and start a new era in the Shackles with a new Hurricane, will the people get what they want (King Lancelot) or will they get someone else. If Andy doesn’t want to be King we can work out something for one of the rest of you or whatever. I’m trying to work on a couple other adventures for you guys after the path ends. p. I’ll reread your character profiles from when we started for ideas and there are a few people who ran away and I believe you have two treasure maps. p. This final assault on Lucrehold will be pretty long and you probably won’t have a way to rest. In the book they recommend letting you have 1-3 npc’s join you. I have an idea where you can bring one npc and at any point you can have them trade places with another ready character on the ship. For instance bring Rosey and when or if you want to you can have her switch places with Desnamona. You could only do this once so whoever was second would be your last ally. If you have any ideas let me know. For reading this and since this will be your last chance to shop you can each have 10,000 gold to spend before you set out. It’s a reward from the other pirate lords who sailed to your banner. p. IMPORTANT- if you want an npc or two or you want to do the swap npc idea I mentioned , please let me know what you think or want to do so I can get the character ready. Rosey Cusswell(fighter), Desnamona(witch), Alise Grogblood(alchemist) are the most logical choices but I’m open to ideas.

Looking forward to Sataurday’



I lean toward Alise Grogblood the alchemist.

Hmmm, how to spend 10k? Nonjo’s grubby wardrobe could use an update to match the current trends in Port Peril society.

Onward and beyond

agree on the alchemist, she could pass out infusions (if she has the discovery) and also deal decent damage.
im cool with being king.

further adventures sound fine, im also itching to make new pc. have you given any thought to what you may run next?

Onward and beyond

Also, I dont recall the name “Geryon” can you refresh who this person is/was?

Onward and beyond

The archdevil Geryon (pronounced JER-ee-ehn)1 is the master of swampy Stygia, Hell’s fifth layer.2

Physical Description: A titan of living blasphemy, Geryon rises taller than any other archfiend, a mountain of bestial muscle and chimerical features. From the waist down undulate the coils of a tremendous python, their envenomed scales capable of crushing legions within their lethal embrace. Above, the archfiend’s body splits in three, the torsos of a trio of indomitable warriors rising forth, each wielding a deadly infernal weapon, an archaic shield, or the Horn of Lies, the instrument by which Geryon spreads new heresies throughout the multiverse. Although often shielded by elaborate helms, at least one of Geryon’s heads always remains unarmored, revealing his angular, snake-like features, reptilian eyes, and maw of venomous fangs.

As far as you knew/guessed Druvalia Thrune had worked out a deal with some devil lord. There were devils guarding Barnabas and two sets of devils attacked you as you approached Abrogails fury after the sea battle. You didn’t really know it was Geryon until you found the contract Druvalia had signed to him. I don’t know a lot about him. I read that in greek mythology he was the grandson of Medusa.
Onward and beyond

Basically Geryon is a powerful Devil Lord.

Onward and beyond

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