Skull and Shackles

The island of the Black Tower

Black Tower

In this session, in an attempt to boost their reputation(since you have behaved in a “Good” manner you don’t really have infamy. I will try to rework the infamy list to give you similar bonuses for more goodly acts. Example you probably won’t become more motivating to your crew by keelhauling someone to death. Maybe sharing some good drink or throwing a crew party can get you a bonus. You’ll just be famous.
p. The party hit the shores of the island on a beautiful morning, sun shining, beautiful plants, tons of biting insects and a half mile of dense jungle to climb through to get to the tower. They made it through to jungle to the Tower in an uncomfortable hour of travel. As they approached the tower they realized it could only be held up by magical means. They also found no entrances anywhere on the sides of the tower and eventually climbed to the top and were able to dig out a trapdoor on the roof and were able to enter the tower.
p. When they entered they found the walls covered with disturbing carvings of endless coils of tentacles. Now and then the tentacles are shown crushing people, ships and in more than one case entire cities or islands. Amid all of these carvings was a repeated symbol of an octopus eye surrounded by sinister runes. They would later learn this was the symbol of Dagon the demon lord of deformity, the sea, and sea monsters.
p. In the entry hall they found a massive gold plated disc with a bulbous eye with a horizontally shaped pupil. With an arm reaching out holding the serpentine carving of a heart, They also found another similarly sized chunk of serpentine that the eventually realized they could replace the heart with and use the heart to unlock a door in the next room. But not before Nonjo was turned into an eel when they failed to immediately replace the heart and he was struck in the face with a stream of filthy water. But they were able to cure Nonjo and move forward.
p. They were able to overcome a few other traps along the way. They were also set upon by a pair of Nyogoth Qlippoths in a room with a collapsing floor and walls covered with yellow mold. While the nyogoths were a formidable they were no match for our intrepis heroes, although these disgusting bottom feeders of the qlippoths burned them with acid when pierced or slashed. They continued on.
p. Eventually they descended to a room with what appeared to be a hole in the floor sealed shut by chains and magic. They found the remains of Captain Tevinida Aiger and written on the wall in charcoal the words “The Shrouded Queen yet lives below, bound by Blackfingers’ forbiddance and Aigers Kiss. Seek not entrance for naught but her rotting curse awaits ye—let the sleeping darkness lie!” It was marked with a charcoal hand print with wide splayed fingers (Not the first time). They learned later that this was a symbol of a sect of Norgorborite holy assassins that refer to their deity as “Blackfingers”. Captain Aiger was a member of this sect. With some hard work they were able to unchain and open the trapdoor that led straight down into darkness.
p. The officers of the Lucky Albatross accompanied by their loyal companion Desnamona bravely descended into the darkness unsure what awaited in the foul darkness. What awaited them was more foul than any creature any of them had ever seen The Shrouded Queen an enormous Augnagar qlippoth insane with ravenous hunger. With its enormous reach and massive mouth it proved to be a nasty foe, many resistances, immunities and a nasty rotting curse that caused hideous festering wounds that exuded a horrific stench automatically sickening the sufferer and also sickening most for just being near them. With an amazing spell from Lancelot and a determination to end this foul beast they eventually overcame the Shrouded queen and were able to remove Aigers kiss which had been used to seal the portal to Yad Iagnoth where she had been summoning an unending supply of qlippoth. It turned out captain Aiger had bravely closed the portal at the cost of her life. The party removed the sword from the now apparently not working portal. They found the remaining treasure treasure cured some of them from the rotting curse and left the Black Tower hoping to never return but curious if they left an open portal to Yad Iagnoth. When they made it to the roof they noticed the Lucky Albatross had been boarded by a ship called “the Wanton Wastrel” captained by Valerande “Barracuda” Aiger son of Tevinida Aiger who had captured the ship and locked the crew below decks to use as ransom if the party refused to give up Aigers kiss to it’s (in his mind) rightful owner. Worn out from the battle with the Shrouded Queen they gave up the blade for 8 plunder and the lives of their crew. Knowing their recapturing of the blade would increase their fame more than any previous accomplishment.
p. Then out of the blue their silver raven flew up with a message that Harrigans fleet was on it’s way to the Island of Empty. Battle was on the horizon. If they could make it home in time.



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