Skull and Shackles

Where the hell is Harrigan?


The long awaited assault on the Island of empty eyes happened at last. The Lucky Albatross raced back from the Black tower beating Barnabus Harrigans fleet to their home base by a few hours. With their silver raven and teleportation they had their defenses well set by the time the navel battle had begun. Harrigans fleet never knew what hit them. Although they started off by quickly decimating Pearce Jerrall’s squadron, they didn’t sink another ship by the time the battle was rapped up. Harrigan had no idea how many friends his former (press ganged) crew members had made. Indeed they had several more ships in their fleet than the evil captain could muster. p. It was time to settle up with their long time nemesis and the Lucky Albatross quickly closed in on the Wormwood, Capturing Harrigans flagship and defeating the crew that manned it. To everyone’s surprise Harrigan was nowhere to be found. The ship was captained by Adelita Doloruso the black hearted evoker. When her crew was dispatched and she saw the officers of the Lucky albatross closing in, teleported away to who knows where. Will BH take her back after her failure or not. He isn’t known as a merciful sort. p. They captured two of the officers of the Wormwood and were able to compile some minor information such as. Harrigan is back at his base on Gannett island having sent most of his fleet of mostly captured Chelaxian ships to assault the PC’s base. His base is guarded by a sea serpent, that doesn’t seem to attack when a approaching ship bangs a gong and dumps a dead cow into the water. p. From Scags Rotgrams journal they also learned Harrigans personal quarters are at the top of his fortress but if he is attacked from the top all of his forces below will be able to come to his aid. Scags planned to enter though a sea cave (that Harrigan used as an escape route). The caves were exposed during low tide and could be entered stealthily if entered during high tide. Due to the knowledge gained by reading Rotgrams journal all characters in the pc’s party get +4 on all initiative checks in Harrigans fortress.

Sorry for the short session, I thought the naval battle would last longer and I like it when we can complete a dungeon, fortress or sea battle all in one night. So next session you can assault Harrigan in his fortress if you get their within 10-14 days. Otherwise if their is something else you want to accomplish let me know. There are several cowardly foes that ran away that are still out there Adelita Doloruso(admiral of Harrigans fleet), Isawyn and Lady Nightshade (trying to soil Arronax Endymions reputation) and no one knows where Lance Mannion is. Any improvements you want to make to your ship. So there are some possibilities. Hope it was fun.




Where the hell is Harrigan?

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